Time for the Goals

I don’t have much to say for an introduction today, so how about I just get started? I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Seen in: The Princess and the Frog, 2009

Website: https://princess.disney.com/Tiana

My Favorite Songs:

  • “Almost There”
  • “Friends on the Other Side”
  • “Gonna Take You There”
  • “Dig a Little Deeper”
  • “Down in New Orleans”

My Favorite Things About Tiana:

  • We both work two jobs, but she doesn’t whine about working two jobs like I do.
  • She is hard-working and goal-oriented.
  • She knows what she wants, and she has a plan on how to get it.
  • She can cook beignets like a boss. In all fairness I’ve only made them once, but I’m sure hers are much better.
  • She has a dream, but she also has a realistic way to fulfill it.

Tiana’s Most Depressing Moments:

  • When she is told by the lawyers that a better offer has come, and she might not get her restaurant. The scene below shows her reaction afterwards.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMwAQOqm2ok&feature=youtu.be
  • When she thinks Naveen is marrying Lotte. I couldn’t find a clip for this one. There are clips right before and right after, but this specific clip? No. Believe me, though, she is really upset.

My Goals Inspired by Tiana:

  1. Make beignets.

Status: Complete. See “Bumblebee Stew and Beignets with Tiana” and this photo below as proof.


By the way, this is the recipe I used is on this website… https://ashleemarie.com/tiana-man-catching-new-orleans-beignets/

  1. Pursue my passion. I want to send an essay out for publication. Yes, this has been a goal before, but it’s a new year. I also want to begin working on my book/memoir/whatever it is.

Status: In progress. I’ve even talked to a friend about illustrations for my whatever it is.

  1. Make goals for the year and plan them out. I always make goals. Heck this blog is full of goals, but I don’t always have a plan. Sometimes they are more like hopes or maybes. The planning it out goes for goal number 2, as well.

Status: In progress.

I’ll keep you updated! Until next time!

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