Disclaimer: I know I’m very late in posting for Tiana. January went by so fast and the past week I was either at work, the chiropractor or asleep (it was one of those weeks where I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home). I haven’t forgotten Tiana though, or what she has taught me this month. You will see below.

I’m going to start this post off with a song:

The beginning of this month I thought I was going to solve my problems if I just made the right goals. And I’ve made goals/ New Year’s resolutions that I think will get me to a happier and healthier place in my life. I’ve worked toward the goals I made for the month too. I want to be like Tiana and know what I want and know I’m on the path. That I’m almost there.


After all Tiana goes through in The Princess and the Frog she is finally given the opportunity to get her restaurant. Remember, one of her most depressing moments is when she thinks she’s not going to get it.


At first I thought the moral of this story is to know what you want versus what you need. But I’m not so sure. I think you can take from that what you will, but Tiana learns so much more than just “I want this, but I don’t need it so it’s not so important anymore.” Humans don’t think that way.

In the beginning of the movie Tiana is SO focused on her restaurant. She says no to hanging out with friends, no to living outside of this one thing.

Depression is like that too. Soon it is easy to just say no like it wants you to. It traps you. You get so focused on it that nothing else matters. That anything besides it is scary. Unknown.

I mentioned that I went to a chiropractor this week. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to focus on self- care. I will be going to that chiropractor for about 10 months until my spinal column and nervous system are realigned. Something like that. Long story short, I might not need anti-depressants if my body is working the way it is supposed to.

Can I tell you how scary that is to me? Not the not having meds part, but the not needing them. What am I without my depression? Who I am if I am happy and healthy?

What is Tiana without her restaurant? Who is she if she chooses something besides that? Chooses love and happiness?

What is this messed up world coming to?

So, I want to be like Tiana not because she is close to completing her all time goal, but because when it comes down to it, she is adaptable. Because she chooses the unknown. The happy and the healthy.




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