End of the Month Recap

Can’t end a month without telling you how I did with my goals! See below:

  1. Make beignets.

Status: Complete. See “Bumblebee Stew and Beignets with Tiana” and this photo below as proof.


2. Pursue my passion. I want to send an essay out for publication. Yes, this has been a goal before, but it’s a new year. I also want to begin working on my book/memoir/whatever it is.

Status: Still in progress. I forgot what a process it was, working on an essay. I had to get books from the library for research and everything! Also, I printed out my thesis (at work…oops) and am seeing what I want to take from it to create something new.

3. Make goals for the year and plan them out. I’ll see you in a few. Rapunzel time!

Status: This is still in progress. No, I want to call this “In Motion.” Like Tiana has taught, these can’t stay stagnate and they should always be worked on. See “Realignment.”

I’ll see you in a few. Rapunzel time!

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