Goals with Rapunzel

Last weekend I saw Tangled in theaters. Yes, it came out in 2010, but the movie theater by my house has been showing Disney movies for $5 the past few months. The fact that Tangled was showing in February when it is Rapunzel month – it was too much of a coincidence to not be fate. And even though I have watched the movie many, many times,  it was basically like seeing it for the first time. And maybe I cried. A little.

So, with no further ado, let’s get to the goals, et cetera.


Seen in: Tangled, 2010

Website: https://princess.disney.com/rapunzel

My favorite songs:

  • “When Will My Life Begin?”
  • “I’ve Got a Dream”
  • “I See the Light”

My favorite things about Rapunzel:

  • She has educated herself with maybe 4 books and is super resourceful, not just for a shut in
  • She is positive, upbeat and brings out the best/sees the best in people
  • Her best friend is Pascal – he’s so cute
  • She doesn’t wear shoes – I really would go barefoot all the time if I could
  • Her hair – both versions because one is magic and the other is cut from a mirror shard and is still Disney cute

Rapunzel’s Most Depressing Moments:

  • When she thinks Flynn has chosen the crown over her. (Fun fact: Lime green in Disney movies = evil )

  • When Flynn dies (minus the happy ending bit, of course)

And Just for Fun – Rapunzel’s Most “Bipolar” Moment:

  • When she leaves the tower for the first time

Goals inspired by Rapunzel:

  1. Make one of these recipes (they all look so good).




Status: Not yet made or eaten.

2. Craft a lantern


I wanted to do something artsy this month since Rapunzel is an artist. We’ll see how this works out.

Status: Not started.

My last two goals are a little different. They are inspired by two of my favorite songs.

3. “When Will My Life Begin?”

This question is one of my biggest depression and anxiety triggers. I want to figure out why and how to fix it.

Status: In the stage where the question is causing me all the bad feelings. Working through it.

4. “I’ve Got a Dream”

A random dream of mine has always been photography. To be a photographer? I don’t know how to phrase that, but I wanted to pick something that I have wanted to do since high school and I think it will bring me joy. On top of that, I believe writing and photography go hand in hand and it would be nice to have the skill. Also, the past 10 months of staging princess photo shoots and taking pictures of my monthly adventures has taught me that I really want a better camera than my iPhone. (Side Note: it’s been 10 MONTHS since I started this thing…)

Status: In the research stage and in the “how do I afford a camera?” stage.

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