The Next Right Thing

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little bit more like Olaf than Anna lately.

There’s a lot of change going on, and I’ve had a hard time with some of it. I’ve had moments of depression because it’s all a little overwhelming (and I made the mistake of watching the news).

Frozen 2’s theme is change. In the beginning of the movie, Anna isn’t worried about it because she’s certain that she will always have her loved ones by her side.

I love her positivity and certainty in things, but even for Anna change can be too much after a certain point.

One of my goals this month was to work on not letting my bad moments take over. I have to confess, I haven’t done very well. Instead, I’ve noticed that I am distracting myself by reading books and watching movies.

In my darker moments, I’m not getting up to “do the next right thing.”

I really admire Anna’s ability to do this. Is it because she is optimistic naturally? Is it because she has a kingdom to save and she doesn’t really have a choice? I’m not sure.

What I am sure of, though, is that I want to come out stronger at the end of all this change. I want to say, I have been like Anna.

I want to come out of this like a bad ass queen.

So, I’m going to continue work on my March goals. I will channel Anna and attempt to reframe my thoughts to ones that aren’t so dire. I’ll keep reading and watching movies, but instead of using them to distract myself, I will simply enjoy them.

Not all change is bad and we don’t know where the changes we are experiencing will lead us. And to top it off, I’m turning 30 this week and I want to start my new decade of life on the right path.

It’s strange to start a monthly goal when the month is over, but I think Anna is fine with the idea. Better late than never. So, I guess, I’ll leap off that cliff and get to work.

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