Anna in Quarantine

I’m pretty sure everyone knows this song (if not, you’ve been living with the trolls):

It kind of rings a bell at this time, don’t you think? We’re quarantined to our houses. Anna’s quarantined to her palace. We talk to inanimate objects. She talks to inanimate objects.

You get the idea.

I wasn’t going to focus on the first Frozen move for Anna, but it was suggested that I should considering current events.

Ohio is about to be closed down. Starting tonight, we are only to leave our homes if we need groceries or need to see the doctor, etc. Basic living things only. For two weeks. (Including my 30th birthday, but I’m not bitter because I didn’t really have plans that day anyway.)

I think when we are free to venture “outside the gates” again, we are going to be a lot like Anna in her other big song from the first movie:

I’ve been sick the past week (COVID-19? Not sure), I’m an introvert and I have homebody-like tendencies. So, everything from having to work from home to not leaving the house except for essentials hasn’t really hit me yet.

But having said that, my anxiety is out of control. It stems from not knowing when the gates will open. It stems from the fact that there aren’t any real answers from “the higher ups.”

And I also am having a hard time dealing with the death counts. Hearing about the people who are incredibly sick. It makes me sick, nauseas and a little depressed.

So, I wanted to bring Anna into our lives at this time. Because even though she’s been isolated since she was little, she’s entertained herself and she talks to paintings – she is one of the most positive characters I’ve ever encountered.

So, even if we all look like this by the end of quarantine,

And we’ve grown a little more eccentric,

If we can remain positive, the gates will open, and we can run into bad princes and make rash decisions about marriage soon enough.

So, as Anna says to Joan of Arc,

“Hang in there!”

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