A Tool Belt Stuffed With Princesses

There’s no new princess this month. Don’t worry, there are still more princesses to come! Quarantine has made it difficult to have photo shoots with little kids or in public areas, and my goals would be limited to things I can do at home.

I also want to perform a little experiment this month. I talked about my princessly tool belt my last post. I want to see what happens when I don’t have a princess planned.

If you have been reading since the beginning (it’s been 2 years today, by the way), you will know that last time I didn’t have a princess to lean on, I pulled one of these:

I didn’t think about my tool belt back then. But I’m a much wiser Catie now. And I have (and I picture it pink and sparkly) tool belt full of princesses. (Maybe it’s a toolbox? My mental image is getting confused.)

So, we’ll see what this month holds! Things might be a little bumpy,

but I am determined!

P.S. In honor of the blog’s anniversary, I did a little makeover and got a logo! Let me know what you think of the changes! Is the theme princessly enough?

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