The Water Calling with Moana

Whether Moana is by her beloved ocean or in the middle of Ohio – she will find a body of water that calls to her. She was chosen by the ocean, after all.

Here’s a look at Moana’s adventures at a little beach in the middle of nowhere.

Here she is, chilling on the rocks:

Moana enjoying the view and the breeze:

Taking time to stop and enjoy the sights and smells:

Finding the perfect little nook. Don’t fall in, Moana!

A Reminder of Why I Have Photo Shoots Each Month (aka I need to remind myself of things every once in awhile):

Reason 1: I am doing something.

My mom made the point that I am up and moving and excited when I have my photo shoots. I’ve always liked dressing up. I would have to dress up as Dorothy when watching the Wizard of Oz or Tiger Lilly watching Peter Pan, the musical as a little girl. If it takes dressing up to get out of the house, then that’s what it takes.

Reason 2: Confidence.

My confidence is much better than is used to be, but I still have bad days. I can blame COVID all I want for weight gain and lack of self-care, but in the end it comes down to me and how I feel about myself. I felt pretty crummy the morning of these photos, but when I’m in the moment of the photo shoot – that goes away.

Reason 3: Catie the Explorer

I feel like there are two sides to my personality. There’s the introverted, depressed homebody and there’s the adventurer, who also likes the rush of adrenaline every once in awhile. Confusing? Tell me about it. So, like I mentioned in reason 1 – I’m out of the house! I am exploring new places and doing new things because of these photos. I even stepped through lake muck to get to a secluded part of beach (I might’ve squealed a little). I wouldn’t do that on a normal day.

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