Princessly Moana

Moana might not see herself as a princess, but I sure do. And so does Maui, for that matter.

Wearing a dress and having an animal sidekick might be two reasons Moana is a princess, but they aren’t the most important reasons.

Moana is a Princess Because…

She is very determined

and brave.

She listens to her inner voice.

She sees a person’s (or goddess’s) true heart.

She doesn’t take no for an answer.

She is resourceful and smart. (She teaches herself how to sail!)

I think Moana gets forgotten sometimes because she’s sandwiched between two Frozen movies. This doesn’t make her any less important and I’m excited for her to be my inspiration this month.

My Goals for the Month Inspired by Moana:

  • Embrace water. This means that I’ll go swimming despite my sun sensitivity because I love water. This means drinking more water. The goal is half my body weight in oz daily, which will create a lot of potty breaks.
  • Help save the ocean in some way. I can’t go help clean it, but I can maybe support the efforts of the people who do.
  • Listen to my inner voice. I know I have a variation of this goal a lot. Maybe this time, with this princess this goal will stick!
  • Make something Moana inspired. I haven’t done a craft/baking goal in awhile, so it’s overdue. Maybe I’ll make this smoothie, for instance:

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