I have an excuse for wrapping up Lilo so late. My weekend was very busy. It included a mini road trip to West Virginia, a broken-down car, an impromptu sleepover and a second guinea pig. And then this week has been difficult. I’ve been distracted and tired and depressed. In fact, I’m surprised that I can type this right now – that’s the kind of funk I’m in.

But it doesn’t feel right leaving Lilo hanging, and to not talking about ohana or family. I did pretty well with my goal of connecting with family and friends. Did I get in touch with everyone? No, but it’s a work-in-progress kind of goal.

I must admit – another reason I didn’t write yet is because I didn’t know what to say about ohana. Yes, you should make an effort to see family. The one you were born into and the one you’ve created. It can be exhausting emotionally and physically sometimes, especially when you have depression, but it’s good to remind yourself you aren’t alone.

But that doesn’t feel like that’s the only message I’m supposed to learn this month. So, as I was falling asleep after work last evening, I dreamily thought about what ohana means. What Lilo reminds her sister to remember and teaches Stitch.

Do you know who I forget and leave behind? Myself. I don’t treat myself as I would family.

Lilo doesn’t leave herself behind. She cares for her family, yes, but I don’t see her not practicing self-care, even if she is dramatic about it.

Lilo stands up for herself.

Lilo asks for help.

Lilo expresses her feelings and worries.

If you don’t include yourself as part of ohana, is it a true family?

Something to think about!

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