I feel more like Stitch than Lilo in this scene.

Lilo loves Elvis. She chooses him as the role model for Stitch to follow to become a model citizen. Stitch tries his best, but something always goes wrong. Lilo is good at supporting him, even though he makes a mess of things.

One of my goals for the month was to emulate an icon. I chose Marie Kondo because she is someone I’ve been using as inspiration for a long time now. I’ve read both her books and watched her show on Netflix many times. I got a crystal and tuning fork from her website for my birthday. My undiagnosed (but it runs in my family, so I’m sure I have it) OCD is obsessed with her ideas on tidying and joy. Both rare things in my experience.

I feel more like Stitch than I do Lilo in this situation because something always goes wrong when I’m in my tidying groove. Most often it’s exhaustion and depression.

It’s difficult to keep a space clean when you don’t care or are too tired to do anything about it. I have made some more progress this month, but I’m nowhere close to where I want to be.

I had a thought that I think is pretty genius. I should continue my tidying path, but I should also emulate Lilo!

Ok, it’s not that genius. In fact, it’s what I’m supposed to be doing anyway. But I lost Lilo a bit this month. It’s been a busy one (for a pandemic).

If I feel like Stitch, I should follow Lilo’s good example. For example: she doesn’t give up trying to teach Stitch! She’s patient and encouraging.

Why can’t I do this for myself? Don’t give up. Be patient and encouraging to me, myself and I.

When I have a bad day, find my inner Lilo. Have hope and stuff.

I just looked up Lilo’s name – it means generous one. How fitting!

So, I’m going to be more generous when it comes to me. I’ll be my own cheerleader. It is great to have others encourage me, of course, but if you aren’t rooting for yourself, what’s the point?

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