Princessly Lilo

I forgot how good of a movie Lilo and Stitch is. Watching it as an adult and truly understanding what Lilo and her sister are going through – I cried a little (not that that’s unusual).

I really like Lilo. She’s weird and really big-hearted. She inspires me to be myself. And on that note…

Lilo is a Princess Because…

She is uniquely herself.

She sees past appearances.

She can throw a punch.

She’s sassy

and dramatic.

She’s hopeful,


a good dancer

and has a big heart.

My Goals for the Month Inspired By Lilo

  • Ohana. Family. Focus on family. The family I was born in and the one I’ve made for myself. Put an effort into relationships old and new.
  • Emulate an icon. For Lilo, this is Elvis. I need to to be inspired to tidy again, so Marie Kondo it is for me.
  • Get another pet. Just kidding! I just rescued (sort of) a guinea pig! But I am still learning her ways and her habits, and it feels good to be responsible for something little again.
Don’t worry, I won’t spray her.

Two (real) goals. A lot to do. So little time. Good thing I’ve realized these goals don’t end after just the month I set them in!

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