Tiara Tested

What makes tiaras so special?

They are what royal people wear to prove that they are royal. They’re what teenager girls wear to prom to feel pretty. They are what 30-year-old me gets for Christmas. And bonus: tiaras are sparkly, and they add flare and drama to any given situation.

Feel like a good cry? Cry with a tiara on!

Feeling blue and want to make a wish? Wish while wearing a tiara!

Feel like starting a blog? Start one with a tiara!

“I proclaim thee Princessly Poised”

Princessly Poised’s symbol is the tiara. It symbolizes power, victory, beauty and confidence. It symbolizes all the things depression is not. The tiara also symbolizes the power I’ve given myself to overcome depression.

And yesterday, while wearing my tiara, I was in a better mood (even if work was still just work). It’s amazing what better posture and a bit of random fun can do for a blah Monday. I just need to remember that I don’t need the physical tiara to harness its powers. I can do that myself.

But when I’m feeling dramatic or need the reminder, my real tiara is waiting for me.

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