Disney Princess Week – Day 1

This week I’m going to wear one of my princess outfits every day. It’s a little experiment to see how I feel as the days go by, much like Tiara Day.

One of the reasons I had my depressive episode last year was because I stopped taking care of myself. Working from home meant I didn’t have to get dressed, put a smile on or talk to people. I focused on self-care after my program, but since the holidays I am slipping.

So, why not do something a little dramatic to fix the situation?

Today I’m pulling out the one that started it all, Snow White! I will think of some questions to ask at the end of each day too – to make this experiment more consistent.

I’m excited!

I’m not fully ready for the day, but I already have “I’m Wishing” stuck in my head, I want to bake a pie and twirl around in my skirt.


  1. Carol Cline says:

    You look beautiful! 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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