Day 1: Snow White

Below are the questions I’ll ask at the end of each day. Part of me only wanted to ask questions like:

“Have woodland creatures asked to help you clean?”


“Have you been given an apple by a stranger today?”,

but I want the questions to be ones I can learn from.

Day 1 Questions

About how long did it take for me to get ready for the day and around what time was I ready?

20-30 minutes, a little after 10.

Did I complete all my morning steps? Did I put in any extra effort?

I forgot 1 step. I attempted make up in the afternoon, but it wasn’t working out for me.

How did I feel once I was completely ready for the day?

I felt more confident and prepared, like my day was going somewhere.

How did dressing up affect my mood?

Dressing up as Snow White made me feel whimsical and my mood was higher than it is most Mondays. I thought I would have excited energy throughout the day, but that proved to be wrong when I fell asleep during my lunch break.

Did my mood change as the day went by?

I got more comfortable with the outfit (except for constantly stepping on the skirt), so my mood leveled out to neutral.

Did I do what I needed or planned to do today?

I did. I went to NAMI group and cleaned the guinea pig cage.

Did I do anything outside of my normal routine?

I asked how to volunteer for NAMI and signed up for a free Shakespeare Harvard course online.

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