Princessly Meg

*Due to a COVID scare, photos will be postponed until this weekend.

Meg might not be like the other princesses featured on my blog so far, but even if she won’t admit it – she’s still a princess.

Meg is a Princess Because…

  • She’s fiery and independent.
  • She’s been hurt,
  • but still secretly hopes.
  • She stands up for what’s right in the end.
  • And she sacrifices herself for those she loves.

My Goals for the Month Inspired by Meg

  • Eat Greek/Mediterranean food. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious and it sounds amazing. Not sure if I’ll buy or cook – depends on the time I have.
  • Keep an open mind and be hopeful. There are some changes happening in my life right now, and like Meg I can be quite cynical (and insecure and anxious…). So, it’s time to reframe some thoughts processes and go with the flow.

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