End of the Month Goals Update

  1. Read a book.

Status: Still reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, but that’s ok. See “Book Blocked.”

  1. Do something literary.

Status: Complete. The Teen Book Fest was a lot of fun and I felt like I was part of a writing community again.

  1. See people for who they really are, beyond how they look or present themselves.

Status: Still in progress. I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to on this, but I think it is something one can always work on.

  1. Figure out what I think a “provincial life” is and what I am going to do to not have one. This could include, oh, I don’t know, finally deciding if I want to go to school for library science.

Status: Read “More Than I Can Tell”. As for school… still on the backburner. It’s the fact that I still can’t afford to live on my own that really prevents me from going back.

  1. Make either “Hannah’s Muffs: Sweet Potato Bacon Pastries” or “Jo’s Gingerbread” from A Literary Tea Party by Alison Walsh

Status: I am going to make “Jo’s Gingerbread” probably today or tomorrow. I was going to last night, but the ER kind of ruined my plans. I have taken a few days off work though, so I have the time.

I want to thank Belle for a wonderful month and Jasmine and I begin our adventures tonight when I go see Aladdin at the Ohio Theatre!





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