Jasmine Takes a Carpet Ride to North Market

November maybe isn’t the most strategic time to feature a princess who lives in a desert. So, where would Jasmine want to go if she lived in temperate Ohio and wanted to explore? Jasmine feels cooped up and separated from the rest of the world in her castle (which is why she found the magic carpet ride so appealing). She wants to explore her kingdom and beyond. So, I thought a great place to do that nearby that’s both inside and celebrates a diverse community was North Market. https://www.northmarket.com

Besides, someone like me (an introverted homebody with depressive tendencies) needs to get out of the house now and then and discover what’s around her.

I hope you enjoy Jasmine’s adventure as much as I did.

And I want to thank my friend for coming with me, taking my pictures and letting me feature her baby in a photo.

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