Enjoying the Little Things

In my last post, I mentioned the lists I made of things I love/d to do and things I want to do. In the midst of getting back into my work routine and my evening sleepiness battles, I was afraid I wasn’t working on my goal – get acquainted with one or two things on my list again.

But without realizing it, I’m doing things!

  • I took photos of the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo.
  • I’m reading multiple books. (I found out recently that reading multiple books at once is a sign of mania. Did I panic thinking I’m manic? Why yes, yes, I did. Am I a hypochondriac? Why yes, yes, I am.)
  • I’m writing in my journal.
  • I’m actively spent time with friends or have plans to.
  • I am catching up on my favorite tv show.
  • And I’m cross stitching!

I think I was thinking that I needed to find the BIG passion this month. But I didn’t stop to think about my little passions.

Jane has little passions too, she’s not some gorilla-seeking robot. You can see some of these in the movie:


Fashion (I mean, time period aside, who wears that to the jungle?)


And she finds other passions as she goes along (not that I blame her).

Things I’m learning to acknowledge and fight:

  • putting a lot of pressure on myself
  • wanting to do ALL the things at once

These are now no-nos!

So, I’m going to take a deep breath and simply enjoy the fact that I’m enjoying things again. I’m not going to make any big plans (right now). And I’m going to enjoy things one thing at a time. Well, except for the books.

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