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Enthusiastic Show and Tell

I know I said I wouldn’t describe myself as an enthusiastic person, and I still don’t, but I do have things in my life that I am enthusiastic about. So, today I’ll share with you something I enjoy enthusiastically: The Ohio Renaissance Festival. I’ve been going to the Ren Fest since I was a kid… Continue reading Enthusiastic Show and Tell

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Princess Practice

In my new book, How to Be a Princess, there is a section in the back that looks like this: You randomly choose a word, think about what that word means to you and act out the word for the rest of the day. Let's see what I choose! Enthusiastic! Instead of following the book's… Continue reading Princess Practice

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How to Be a Princess

What does it take to be a princess? Do you have to have mad fighting skills? Endless enthusiasm? Luscious locks? Pretty dresses? And good vocals? Every month when I feature a princess, I look at what makes them princessly. The list above is often mentioned in one way or another. But there's so much more… Continue reading How to Be a Princess

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Truth Telling Time: I feel pretty distant from Gulia. Maybe she’s too new (even though I featured Raya already) or maybe it’s because she’s only a supporting character (even though I featured Wendy and Vanellope). But I think what it really comes down to is she’s so motivated and I’m so not. I’ve done things… Continue reading Hunger

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A Evening in the Lives of Gulia and Luca

It was an evening in the late summer, and Gulia and Luca had a lot to do. Luca practiced his bike riding for the big race. They read one of Gulia's astronomy books and learned all they could learn. Then they decided to look at the stars they had learned about. And they ended the… Continue reading A Evening in the Lives of Gulia and Luca

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Princessly Gulia

I know Gulia is new to the Disney/Pixar world, but since I feel like I'm running out of characters, Luca is a good movie and Gulia is a bad ass - I thought she would be a good princessly figure to feature this month. Besides - I see pasta in my future! Gulia is a… Continue reading Princessly Gulia

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Something to Look Forward To

In just a few days, I’ll be on vacation! It’s been very surreal having something so big to look forward to, and I forgot how important it is to have that something. Now, it doesn’t always have to be a big vacation, but especially when you have anxiety and depression, it’s important to have a… Continue reading Something to Look Forward To

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Mindful Minnie

Minnie has inspired me yet again! I was perusing YouTube and found this video: The working-at-the-office-3 -times-a-week change is difficult and exhausting, so I'm going to add a last minute goal to really take care of myself this week. I'll try hard to not fall asleep as soon as I get home tonight. I… Continue reading Mindful Minnie

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A Minnie Challenge – Review

Working from the office again has been strange, and I’m quite exhausted. Last night I got home at 7, took care of the critters and passed out for 3 ½ hours. I think the Minnie Challenge went fairly well. I wasn’t as cheery as Minnie Mouse, but I smiled at people, socialized at lunch, had… Continue reading A Minnie Challenge – Review