Belle Goes to the Columbus Metropolitian Library

Belle wasn’t a princess I appreciated until I got older. I think it took me a while to realize how much we have in common. Books. Check. Doesn’t really fit in the main crowd. Check. Brown hair. Check. Unconventional father (you know it’s true, Dad, and it’s in the best way). Check.  Wants more thanContinue reading “Belle Goes to the Columbus Metropolitian Library”

Dear Pocahontas

Dear Pocahontas, This month has been a doozy. I’ve done some things “off the beaten path” and I have not always chosen “the smoothest course,” and it’s all your fault. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, this has been extra challenging. I have dealt with a lot of anxiety (butterflies in my stomach,Continue reading “Dear Pocahontas”

Apple Pie Goal = Complete

With the help of my dad (thank you Dad), I made my first ever pie completely from scratch. It’s not as pretty as Snow White’s, since I don’t have bird friends who will help me decorate, so I knew I wasn’t going to get anything like this: It tasted really good though, so I’m happyContinue reading “Apple Pie Goal = Complete”

Snow White and a Royal Wedding

I woke up this morning to watch Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Let me rephrase that. I planned to wake up to watch the wedding, but either fell asleep before I set my alarm or didn’t hear it go off (both entierly plausible). Thankfully, around 6:30, my dog started whining and pawing at me so thatContinue reading “Snow White and a Royal Wedding”