Princessly Giselle

Giselle is perfect princess archetype. I mean she sings, dances, she can call animals to help her clean and she even wakes up prettily. At first I was nervous because I wasn’t sure if there was anything new to learn from this “basic princess”. Giselle grows throughout the movie, though, and there’s really nothing wrongContinue reading “Princessly Giselle”

To Go or Not to Go (with the Flow)?

I tried going with the flow. I really, really tried. I spent the past few weeks pushing down anxiety and doubts, and floated down the metaphorical stream I imagine the flow is flowing in. Fun fact: You can’t keep stuffing things deep inside. You’ll explode. (Or drown if we stick with the flow metaphor.) But,Continue reading “To Go or Not to Go (with the Flow)?”

Megara at the Amphitheater

Greek architecture -the photoshoot friendly type- in the Columbus area was much more difficult to find than I originally thought it would be. I wanted to go to the Ohio Statehouse, but thanks the COVID and political unrest, the place is roped off for random people, like myself, who just want to take some photos.Continue reading “Megara at the Amphitheater”

Princessly Meg

*Due to a COVID scare, photos will be postponed until this weekend. Meg might not be like the other princesses featured on my blog so far, but even if she won’t admit it – she’s still a princess. Meg is a Princess Because… She’s fiery and independent. She’s been hurt, but still secretly hopes. SheContinue reading “Princessly Meg”

Challenge Accepted

I wasn’t sure I was going to feature Meg from Hercules. At first glance, she’s not very princessly. She’s sarcastic, She lies – even to herself, She’s a pessimist, She sells her soul to Hades… She’s not exactly on the anti-depression track. But I’ve decided to make her a challenge. I’m going to watch theContinue reading “Challenge Accepted”